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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
March 15, 2001

Statement by the Press Secretary
Appointment of the Counterintelligence Executive

The President welcomes FBI Director Freeh's announcement today of the appointment of David Szady as the Counterintelligence Executive. Mr. Szady is an excellent choice for this demanding new position. As the Counterintelligence Executive, he will work to improve the direction and focus of our national counterintelligence objectives and operations.

Director Freeh, as Chairman of the Counterintelligence Board of Directors established under PDD-75, has the full support of the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General and the Director of Central Intelligence in this appointment.

Mr. Szady currently serves as the FBI Special Agent-in-Charge of the Portland, Oregon Field Division. He has a wealth of investigative, managerial and executive experience in the counterintelligence arena.

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