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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 17, 2001

Statement by the Press Secretary Regarding Executive Orders

The four executive orders signed by the President today are based on the principles of fair and open competition, neutrality in government contracting, effective and efficient use of tax dollars and the legal right of workers to be notified of how their dues may be used.

Government contracting decisions should be neutral, neither requiring nor prohibiting project labor agreements, seeking the highest quality at the best price to ensure that government is a responsible steward of the American people's hard-earned tax dollars.

Government contracting should also be fair and open to ensure that all workers can compete for jobs on a level playing field as well as contractors, particularly small, minority or women-owned businesses.

President Bush agrees with the Supreme Court ruling affirming the right of workers to be notified and object, if they so choose, to their union dues being used for purposes other than collective bargaining.



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