The White House
President George W. Bush
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For Immediate Release
Office of Mrs. Bush
January 1, 2001

Mrs. Bush's Introduction of President Bush at Breast Cancer Awareness Event
As Delivered

Thank you very much and welcome to the White House. I am glad to see all of you here today - sister warriors and supporters in the winning battle against breast cancer.and participants in the Komen National Race for the Cure.

This sea of pink stirs mixed emotions: I feel a twinge of sadness because of what this color has come to represent: lives lost, and lives changed because of cancer. But I also feel joy and pride, because every speck of pink represents a victory and hope for the future.

Technology, science, medical breakthroughs, and each of you give us hope that we will find a cure and put an end to breast cancer. Until that day comes, we shall hold steady on our course to save lives.

All of us here today know someone who has breast cancer or has survived it.

I'd like to introduce my mother, Jenna Welch, a breast cancer survivor.

President Bush and I know and love people whose lives have been affected, including Nancy Brinker and her family. But you don't need to be directly affected by breast cancer to make a difference. That's what tomorrow's race is all about.

My husband is an avid supporter - and participant - in this cause for increased awareness and a cure. In Texas, he stood with me on the steps of the State Capitol to celebrate lives and hope renewed on Breast Cancer Awareness Day. He also lined up and ran with survivors and supporters in the Austin Race for the Cure.

In fact, as long as there is a reason to wear pink, my husband will be on our side, doing all he can to make sure we find a cure for this disease. We can see the finish line on the horizon.and hand in hand, we will cross it.

Ladies and gentlemen, my husband, President George W. Bush.

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