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President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat

As the United States Congress prepares for an historic vote on a resolution on Iraq, President Bush Monday provided a comprehensive assessment of the threat Saddam Hussein's regime poses to the security of the United States and the World and our commitment to confront it.

President's Remarks on West Coast Ports

President Bush Tuesday said, "For over a week our ports along the Pacific Coast have been shut down. These ports handle more then $300 billion a year in trade. The work stoppage is hurting our entire economy."
President Reiterates Need for Terrorism Insurance

President Bush said, "...more than $15 billion in real estate transactions have been terminated or put on hold because the lack of terrorism insurance -- $15 billion of job-creating projects are not moving forward. More than 300,000 jobs are on hold."

Hispanic Heritage Month
President Hosts White House Event for Hispanic Heritage Month
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Three Securities
President Discusses Three Securities
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House Leadership Agrees
President, House Leadership Agree on Iraq Resolution
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Missing and Exploited Children
Remarks by the President at White House Conference on Missing, Exploited, and Runaway Children
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Terrorism Insurance
President: Terrorism Insurance Agreement Needed by Friday
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