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Advisory Council on Historic Preservation ACHP 3010 African Development Foundation ADF 3005 Agency for International Development AID 0412 Appalachian Regional Commission ARC 3011 Appraisal Subcommittee of the FFIEC FFIEC 3139 Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board ATBCB 3014 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation BGSEEF 3019 Broadcasting Board of Governors BBG 3112 Commission on Civil Rights CCR 3035 Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely Handicapped CPBSH 3037 Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC 3038 Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC 3041 Corporation for National and Community Service CNCS 3045 Council on Environmental Quality CEQ 0331 Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia CSOSA 3225 Department of the Interior DOI 1000 Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget ASPMB 1090 Bureau of Indian Affairs BIA 1076 Bureau of Land Management BLM 1004 Bureau of Mines MINES 1032 Bureau of Reclamation RB 1006 Geological Survey GS 1028 Indian Arts and Crafts Board IACB 1085 Minerals Management Service MMS 1010 National Biological Service NBS 1089 National Park Service NPS 1024 Office for Equal Opportunity OEO 1091 Office of the Secretary OS 1093 Office of the Solicitor OSOL 1092 Office of the Special Trustee OST 1035 Office of Acquisition and Property Management OAPM 1084 Office of Hearings and Appeals OHA 1094 Office of Planning and Performance Management OPPM 1040 Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement OSMRE 1029 Office of Water Policy OWP 1008 United States Fish and Wildlife Service FWS 1018 Department of the Treasury TREAS 1500 Bureau of the Mint MINT 1525 Bureau of the Public Debt BPD 1535 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms BATF 1512 Bureau of Engraving and Printing BEP 1520 Community Development Financial Institutions Fund CDFI 1559 Comptroller of the Currency OCC 1557 Departmental Offices DO 1505 Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FINCEN 1506 Financial Management Service FMS 1510 Internal Revenue Service IRS 1545 Office of the General Counsel OGC 1590 Office of Revenue Sharing ORS 1507 Office of Thrift Supervision OTS 1550 Treasury Inspector General for Tax Adminstration TIGTA 1591 United States Customs Service CUSTOMS 1515 United States Secret Service SS 1555 Department of Agriculture USDA 0500 Agricultural Marketing Service AMS 0581 Agricultural Research Service ARS 0518 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service APHIS 0579 Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service CSREES 0524 Economic Research Service ERS 0536 Farm Service Agency FSA 0560 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation FCIC 0563 Food and Nutrition Service FNS 0584 Food Safety and Inspection Service FSIS 0583 Foreign Agricultural Service FAS 0551 Forest Service FS 0596 Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration GIPSA 0580 National Agricultural Statistical Service NASS 0535 Natural Resources Conservation Service NRCS 0578 Office of the Secretary AgSEC 0503 Office of Chief Financial Officer OCFO 0505 Office of Civil Rights AgOCR 0508 Office of Communications AgGPA 0506 Office of Procurement and Property Management OPPM 0599 Rural Business-Cooperative Service RBS 0570 Rural Housing Service RHS 0575 Rural Utilities Service RUS 0572 Department of Commerce DOC 0600 Bureau of the Census CENSUS 0607 Bureau of Economic Analysis BEA 0691 Bureau of Export Administration BXA 0694 Economic and Statistical Analysis EASA 0608 Economic Development Administration EDA 0610 General Administration ADMIN 0605 International Trade Administration ITA 0625 Minority Business Development Agency MBDA 0640 National Institute of Standards & Technology NIST 0693 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA 0648 National Telecommunications and Information Administration NTIA 0660 Office of the Secretary OS 0690 Patent and Trademark Office PTO 0651 Science and Technical Research SATR 0652 Technology Administration TA 0692 United States Travel and Tourism Administration USTTA 0644 Department of Defense DOD 0700 Defense Acquisition Regulations Council DARC 0750 Defense Finance and Accounting Service DFAC 0730 Department of the Air Force AF 0701 Department of the Army DOA 0702 Department of the Navy NAVY 0703 Departmental and Others DODDEP 0704 Office of the Secretary OS 0790 Office of Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs DODOASHA 0720 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers COE 0710 Department of Education ED 1800 Departmental Management EDMAN 1880 Office for Civil Rights OCR 1870 Office of the Chief Financial Officer OCFO 1890 Office of the General Counsel EDOGC 1801 Office of the Under Secretary OUS 1875 Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs OBEMLA 1885 Office of Educational Research and Improvement OERI 1850 Office of Elementary and Secondary Education OESE 1810 Office of Inspector General EDIG 1892 Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs EDSI 1860 Office of Postsecondary Education OPE 1840 Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services OSERS 1820 Office of Student Financial Assistance OSFA 1845 Office of Vocational and Adult Education OVAE 1830 Department of Energy DOE 1900 Defense and Security Affairs DSA 1992 Departmental and Others ENDEP 1901 Economic Regulatory Administration ERA 1903 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy EE 1904 Energy Information Administration EIA 1905 Office of Administration DOEOA 1910 Office of General Counsel OGC 1990 Office of Procurement and Assistance Management PR 1991 Policy, Safety, and Environment EPSEP 1993 Department of Health and Human Services HHS 0900 Administration for Children and Families ACF 0970 Administration on Aging AOA 0985 Agency for Health Care Policy and Research AHCPR 0935 Agency for Health Care Policy and Research AHCPR 0919 Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry TSDR 0923 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC 0920 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS 0938 Departmental Management HHSDM 0990 Food and Drug Administration FDA 0910 Health Resources and Services Administration HRSA 0906 Health Services Administration HSA 0915 Indian Health Service IHS 0917 National Institutes of Health NIH 0925 Office of the Secretary OS 0991 Office of Assistant Secretary for Health OASH 0937 Office of Family Assistance OFA 0992 Office of Human Development Services HDSO 0980 Office of Public Health and Science OPHS 0940 Public Health Service PHS 0905 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration SAMHSA 0930 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD 2500 Enforcement Center EC 2509 Government National Mortgage Association GNMA 2503 New Communities Development Corporation NCDC 2512 Office of the General Counsel HUDGC 2510 Office of the Inspector General HUDIG 2508 Office of the Secretary HUDSEC 2501 Office of Administration OA 2535 Office of Community Planning and Development CPD 2506 Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity FHEO 2529 Office of Housing OH 2502 Office of Lead-Based Paint and Poison Prevention OLBPPP 2539 Office of Multifamily Assistance Restructuring OMAR 2505 Office of Public and Indian Housing PIH 2577 Policy Development and Research PD&R 2528 Real Estate Assessment Center REAC 2507 Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank SEECB 2504 Department of Justice DOJ 1100 Bureau of Prisons BOP 1120 Civil Rights Division CRT 1190 Criminal Division CD 1123 Drug Enforcement Administration DEA 1117 Executive Office for Immigration Review EOIR 1125 Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI 1110 General Administration DOJADM 1103 Immigration and Naturalization Service INS 1115 Legal Activities LA 1105 Office of Justice Programs OJP 1121 United States Parole Commission PARCOM 1104 Department of Labor DOL 1200 Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS 1220 Departmental Management DM 1225 Employment and Training Administration ETA 1205 Employment Standards Administration ESA 1215 Mine Safety and Health Administration MSHA 1219 Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA 1218 Office of the American Workplace OAW 1294 Office of the American Workplace/Office of Labor Management Standards OAW/OLMS 1214 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management OASAM 1291 Office of the Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment & Training ASVET 1293 Office of the Inspector General OIG 1292 Office of the Secretary OS 1290 Office of Disability Employment Policy ODEP 1230 Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration PWBA 1210 Department of State STATE 1400 Administration of Foreign Affairs AFA 1405 Department of Transportation DOT 2100 Bureau of Transportation Statistics BTS 2139 Bureau of Transportation Statistics - Aviation BTSA 2138 Federal Aviation Administration FAA 2120 Federal Highway Administration FHWA 2125 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration FMCSA 2126 Federal Railroad Administration FRA 2130 Federal Transit Administration FTA 2132 Maritime Administration MARAD 2133 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA 2127 Office of the Secretary OST 2105 Office of the Secretary - Aviation OSTA 2106 Research and Special Programs Administration RSPA 2137 Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation SLSDC 2135 U.S. Coast Guard USCG 2115 Department of Veterans Affairs VA 2900 DOD/GSA/NASA (FAR) FAR 9000 Emergency Oil and Gas Guaranteed Loan Board EOGGLB 3003 Emergency Steel Guarantee Loan Board ESGLB 3004 Environmental Protection Agency EPA 2000 Administration and Resources Management ARM 2030 Air and Radiation AR 2060 Office of the Administrator AdmO 2090 Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance OECA 2020 Office of Environmental Education OEE 2015 Office of Environmental Information OEI 2025 Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances OPPTS 2070 Office of Research and Development RD 2080 Policy Planning and Evaluation PPE 2010 Regional Office Atlanta ROATLANTA 2004 Regional Office Denver RODENVER 2008 Regional Office New York RONEWYORK 2002 Regional Office San Francisco ROSANFRAN 2009 Regional Office Seattle ROSEATTLE 2012 Solid Waste and Emergency Response SWER 2050 Water WATER 2040 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC 3046 Executive Office of the President EOP 0300 Export-Import Bank of the United States EXIMBANK 3048 Farm Credit Administration FCA 3052 Farm Credit System Assistance Board FCSAB 3053 Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation FCSIC 3055 Federal Communications Commission FCC 3060 Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities FCAH 3134 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC 3064 Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA 3067 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC 1902 Federal Housing Finance Board FHFB 3069 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRA 3070 Federal Maritime Commission FMC 3072 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCS 3076 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission FMSHRC 3079 Federal Reserve System FRS 7100 Federal Trade Commission FTC 3084 General Services Administration GSA 3090 Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation HSTSF 3111 Institute of Museum and Library Services IMLS 3137 Inter-American Foundation IAF 0417 International Trade Commission ITC 3117 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation JMMFF 3020 Legal Services Corporation LSC 3122 M.K. Udall Foundation U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution MKU-USIECR 3320 Merit Systems Protection Board MSPB 3124 National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA 2700 National Archives and Records Administration NARA 3095 National Assessment Governing Board NAGB 3098 National Capital Planning Commission NCPC 3125 National Commission on Libraries and Information Science NCLIS 3130 National Credit Union Administration NCUA 3133 National Endowment for the Arts NEA 3135 National Endowment for the Humanities NEH 3136 National Indian Gaming Commission NIGC 3141 National Institute for Literacy NIL 3430 National Labor Relations Board NLRB 3142 National Mediation Board NMB 3140 National Science Foundation NSF 3145 National Transportation Safety Board NTSB 3147 Navajo Hopi Indian Relocation Commission NAVAJO 3148 Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC 3150 Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission OSHRC 3202 Office of the United States Trade Representative TRADEREP 0350 Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight OFHEO 2550 Office of Government Ethics OGE 3209 Office of Management and Budget OMB 0348 Office of National Drug Control Policy ONDCP 3201 Office of Personnel Management OPM 3206 Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTP 0349 Office of Special Counsel OSC 3255 Other Independent Agencies OTHINDAG 3200 Other Temporary Commissions OTHTEMPC 3312 Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPIC 3420 Panama Canal Commission PANAMA 3207 Peace Corps PEACE 0420 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation PBGC 1212 Postal Rate Commission PRC 3211 Presidio Trust PRESIDIO 3212 Railroad Retirement Board RRB 3220 Securities and Exchange Commission SEC 3235 Selective Service System SSS 3240 Small Business Administration SBA 3245 Social Security Administration SSA 0960 Surface Transportation Board STB 2140 Tennessee Valley Authority TVA 3316 The White House Office WHO 0310 Thrift Depositor Protection Oversight Board OB 3203 U.S. Trade and Development Agency USTDA 3330 United States Postal Service USPS 3210

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