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News & Information

Statement by David Kay on the Interim Progress Report on the Activities of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) Before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, The House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Defense, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

October 2, 2003
Thank you Mr. Chairman. I welcome this Opportunity to discuss with the Committee the progress that the Iraq Survey Group has made in its initial three months of its investigation into Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) programs. More >>

Vials: A total of 97 vials-including those with labels consistent with the Al Hakam cover stories of single-cell protein and biopesticides, as well as strains that could be used to produce BW agents-were recovered from a scientist's residence.

100 Days of Progress In Iraq

100 days ago major combat operations ended and the Iraqi people were liberated from the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein. Since then, there have been 100 days of progress in the reconstruction of Iraq and the renewal of the Iraqi people.

President George W. Bush discusses the future of Iraq at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, Mich., Monday, April 28, 2003. "I have confidence in the future of a free Iraq. The Iraqi people are fully capable of self-government," said the President. White House photo by Tina Hager

President Bush, Police Commissioner Kerick Discuss Police Force in Iraq
President Bush on Friday said, "Because of Kerick's leadership, his knowledge and his experience, he was able to stand up a police force in Baghdad in a very quick period of time."

President Addresses UN General Assembly
President Bush today addressed the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

President Bush Commends Military in Speech at Fort Stewart, Georgia
Thank you all very much. Thanks for the warm welcome. It's a fine day here in Georgia.

President Address to the Nation on the War on Terror Nearly two years ago, following deadly attacks on our country, we began a systematic campaign against terrorism. These months have been a time of new responsibilities, and sacrifice, and national resolve and great progress.

President Bush, Secretary Rumsfeld Discuss Progress in Iraq
President Bush and Secretary Rumseld took questions from the media after a meeting in Crawford, Texas Friday, the hundredth day since major military operations ended in Iraq. President Bush said, "We've been there a hundred days. We've made a lot of progress in a hundred days, and I am pleased with the progress we've made, but fully recognize we've got a lot more work to do."
National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice Discusses Iraq
What we knew going into the war was that this man was a threat. He had weapons of mass destruction. He had used them before. He was continuing to try to improve his weapons programs.
President Bush Discusses Progress in Iraq
In thanking Ambassador Bremer Wednesday, President Bush said, "The nations in our coalition are determined to help the Iraqi people recover from years of tyranny. And we are determined to help build a free, and sovereign, and democratic nation."
National Security Advisor Briefs Press on President's Trip to United Nations
Good afternoon. First, I'll give a brief overview of the President's schedule in New York this week and highlights from his speech to the United Nations General Assembly, then I'll be happy to take your questions.
White House Statement on Uday and Qusay Hussein
We were pleased to learn from the Department of Defense of today’s action against Uday and Qusay Hussein.
Iraq News Archive »


A soldier from the 422nd Civil Affairs Battalion speaks with a boy, while bags of rice and wheat are delivered to a village near the city of Najaf in central Iraq on April 04, 2003, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Kevin P. Bell, U.S. Army.)

Liberation Update
News accounts today paint a vivid picture of joy and relief inside Iraq. American and coalition troops are being welcomed by smiling Iraqis. Their voices have been silenced for too long, but now they are heard inside Iraq and around the world.

Tales of Saddam's Brutality
Over 30 years, many Iraqis were tortured, mutilated, and executed by their government. Perceptions of disloyal behavior would land entire families in jail ... or worse. Now, the people of Iraq are free from fear of Saddam and his regime. They are telling reporters their stories of unspeakable acts of brutality.

Messages to the Iraqi People
We asked U.S. soldiers in Iraq: "What do you want the Iraqi people to know about America's mission?" Click here for a selection of responses.

Coalition Update
President Bush is assembling a Coalition that has already begun military operations to disarm Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction, and enforce 17 UNSC resolutions.

Updates & Briefings
Press Briefing by Dan Bartlett and Steve Hadley on Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction and the State of the Union Speech
Department of Defense Briefing
CENTCOM Briefing
State Department Briefing

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