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Strengthening the Economy:
Jobs and Economic Growth

Excerpts from Press Gaggle by Ari Fleischer, September 2, 2002 (Full transcript)

MR. FLEISCHER: And that's it for today. And then let me just say the President looks forward to getting back to business here in Washington, which promises to be a very important and busy five-week period before Congress leaves to campaign for reelection. The President sees this as a window to get things done for the country, particularly in terms of enacting homeland security legislation into law so the country can be better protected; securing more economic -- providing more economic security for the American people as a result of passage of terrorism insurance, which will create jobs; energy legislation which will provide energy security to our country, something always in need. And there are many other important legislative matters that are pending, and the President views this as a window to get things done. And he will work closely with the Congress to do that.

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