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Why is the President Proposing This New Initiative?

In two generations, per capita income in developing countries has nearly doubled. Illiteracy has been cut by a third - giving more children a chance to learn and prepare for a brighter future. Infant mortality in the poorest countries has been almost halved - giving more children a chance to live. Nations from India to Chile have changed old ways and found new wealth. Yet in this world of growing opportunity, there are entire regions untouched by progress. The statistics are alarming:

President Bush wants to close the growing divide between nations that are making progress and those that are falling deeper into need and despair. This growing divide is a major source of sorrow and instability in the world, and the President wants to include every African, Asian, Latin American and Muslim in an ever-expanding circle of development.

Success Stories in the Developing World

Marrying good policies to aid has put many countries on a path toward a stronger, more prosperous future. For example:


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