Celebrating Freedom, Honoring Service
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Saluting Those Who Serve
Chairman'’s Reception
Youth Concert

Wensday, January 19, 2005
Chairman'’s Brunch
A Celebration of Freedom
Candlelight Dinner #1
Candlelight Dinner #2
Candlelight Dinner #3

Thursday, January 20, 2005
St. John’s Church Service
Oath of Office Ceremony
Inaugural Parade
Constitution Ball
Freedom Ball
Independence Ball
Texas Wyoming Ball
Liberty Ball
Democracy Ball
Patriot Ball
Stars and Stripes Ball
Commander-In-Chief Ball

Friday, January 21, 2005
National Prayer Service

The MCI Center
Mellon Auditorium
The Armory

Mellon Auditorium
The Ellipse
Union Station
The Washington Hilton
National Building Museum

St. John’s Church
US Capitol
Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington Hilton
Union Station
Convention Center (A)
Convention Center (B)
Convention Center (C)
Convention Center (D)
Convention Center (E)
Convention Center Ballroom
National Building Museum

National Cathedral

Speeches and News Releases
January 20, 2005
President Sworn-In to Second Term

President Thanks Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee at Luncheon

January 19, 2005
President Thanks Military, Guests at 'Celebration of Freedom' Concert

January 18, 2005
President Encourages Service at 'America's Future Rocks' Concert

President Thanks Armed Forces at 'Saluting Those Who Serve' Event

Inaugural Video
  • President's Inaugural Address
  • Presidential Swearing-In
  • Vice Presidential Swearing-In
  • Saluting Those Who Serve Event
  • America's Future Rocks Concert
Photo Essays
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