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Dining Room

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White House photo by Paul Morse

Garlands of mixed Christmas greenery are suspended over the portrait of President Lincoln. Sprays of greenery dusted with snow cascade from each of the wall sconces.

On the large table, miniature carolers grace the center of the table inviting guests to join in the celebrations. On either side of the carolers stand two large ornamental bronze fruit baskets dripping with Christmas greenery and white lilies. During the evening festivities, votive candles will glitter throughout the table.

The wonderful gingerbread house is a re-creation of the original White House as it appeared in 1800 when John Adams became the first resident. Just like all the other Presidential homes on display, the gingerbread house was reproduced to scale using actual blueprints.

The White House pastry chefs had great fun making this house. Taking approximately three weeks to create, the house is made from 80 pounds of gingerbread, 30 pounds of chocolate and 20 pounds of marzipan!

The gingerbread house also features several special residents this year: Spotty, Barney, and Willie, the White House pets.

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