Blue Room Historical Photo Essay

Before delivering his address to Congress and the nation following the attacks of September 11, President George W. Bush speaks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the Blue Room, Sept. 20, 2001. President George W. Bush speaks with NYPD Officer Steve McDonald in the Blue Room April 10, 2002. A White House usher prepares the Blue Room for a luncheon for the European Commission May 2, 2002. President George W. Bush greets Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood in the Blue Room before an early childhood education event in the East Room April 3, 2002.
President Ronald Reagan hosts former Presidents Ford, Nixon and Carter as they share a laugh in the Blue Room October 8, 1981. Since the opening of the White House in 1800, presidents and first ladies have used the Blue Room to formally receive and greet guests. President George H.W. Bush holds a meeting with the nation's governors in the Blue Room February 26, 1990. Ferns and blue drapes decorated the Blue Room during the Herbert Hoover administration, 1929-1933. Nearly a century before, the Blue Room received its name from President Martin Van Buren. Rosalynn Carter greets young White House visitors in the Blue Room August 4, 1978.

Enjoy photographs capturing events and special moments in the Blue Room. The top row is a collection taken during President George W. Bush's administration. The bottom row highlights historical events in the Blue Room.