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Gary J. Walters
Former White House Chief Usher

Gary Walters, Formerly the White House Chief Usher, was responsible for the effective operation of the Executive Residence at the White House as the home of the President, site of Official and Ceremonial activities of the Presidency, and a museum of our American history. He developed and administered the budget for the operation, maintenance, and utilities and supervised the Executive Residence staff.

Mr. Walters has served as Chief Usher since being appointed by President Reagan in 1986. He served as Assistant Usher from 1976-1986 after initially being appointed by President Ford. Mr. Walters was member of the Executive Protective Service (Uniformed Division), United States Secret Service from 1970-1975. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland and served from 1970-1975 in the United States Army.

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