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Alumni News

New Staff Selection Process
In addition to the new Director, Jocelyn White, the two other staff members named by the White House are Lucy Weber, Associate Director and Tiffany Willett, Education Coordinator. Lucy spent 10 years on Capitol Hill working for two Texas Congressmen and also served in then-Governor Bush's office as the Director of the Governor's Commission for Women. Tiffany comes to the program from Austin where she served as Legislative Director for state Senator Tom Haywood. Prior to that she was Business Development Director for a law firm.

Despite being a transition year, everything has gone smoothly with regard to the selection process. Applications for the 2001-2002 class increased by over 100%. This year's selection process was begun by Jackie Blumenthal who stayed with the program through the selection of the 103 semi-finalists. Former Fellow Jackie Lain ('99-00) stayed with the program to organize the Regional Panels so that there was no interruption as the new staff came on board.

Special thanks to the outstanding group of Regional Panelists for the difficult job of selecting 30 finalists.

Atlanta Panel
Billy Webster ('92-93)-Chair
Gail Evans-Host
Claire Arnold
Sheriff Jackie Barrett
Linda Brady
Keith Crisco ('70-71)
Preston Foster ('94-95 )
General John Hendrix
S. Jarvin Levinson
Charles H. (Pete) McTier
Cynthia Tucker
Dr. Ken Walker

Austin Panel
Barry McBee ('89-90)-Chair
Steve Papermaster-Host
Isabella Cunningham
Sandy Gottesman
Dr. Theresa Lozano Long
Ray Martinez
Stephanie Sanford ('96-97)
Randi Shade
Max Sherman
LTC Loree Sutton, MD ('96-97)
Padmasree Warrior
Joe Bill Watkins
Michael L. Williams

Boston Panel
Dr. Tenley Albright-Co-chair and Co-host
Frances Moseley-Co-chair and Co-host
Fred Ballou
Missy Carter
Martha Chayet
Dr. John Danaher ('89-90)
Archie Epps
Liz Harris
Chris Jenny
Greg Moore
LTG James Terry Scott (Ret.)

Chicago Panel
Ed McNally-Chair
Judy Block-Host
Ann Cohn-Donnelly ('79-80)
COL Bob Edmonds ('95-96)
Delilah Flaum
Cornelia Grumman
Don Haider ('76-77)
Shaye R. Mandle
Mary Nelson
Dr. Michael J. Scotti, Jr.
Olivia Watkins

Los Angeles Panel
Geoffrey Cowan-Chair
Brad Freeman-Host
Dr. Jim Atkinson
Stephanie Barron
Yvonne Campos ('94-95)
Isaac Canales
Jeffrey Evans
Matthew K. Fong
Susan Lowenberg
Carol Ramsey
Marc Thomas ('94-95)
Dr. Marilyn Whirry

New York Panel
Dale Collins-Chair
and Host
Jodi Bush
Jami Floyd ('93-94)
Tom Foley
Robert W. Johnson IV
Gaynor McCown ('93-94)
Judge Loretta A. Preska
Ray Rivera
Westina Matthews Shatteen
Commissioner Jason Turner
Rod Von Lipsey ('93-94)
Gene Zuriff

San Francisco Panel
Marshall Turner ('70-'71)-Chair
John DeLuca ('65-66)-Host
Bill Drummond ('76-77)
Dr. Linda Hawes Clever
Jennie Chin Hansen
Noah Griffin
Gilman Louie
Arlene Nielson
Richard North Patterson
Nelson Polsby
H. Pat Sweeney ('81-82)
Glady Thacher
Barry Williams

Washington D.C. Panel I
Neal Freeman-Chair and Host
Janet Abrams ('94-95)
Charles Ballard
Suzanne DeFrancis
Teresa Gorman
Dr. Jeffrey Kang ('94-95)
Paul Klaassen
James Lintott
Jack McCarthy
John Ryan
MGen Clifford Stanley ('88-89)
Andrew Walworth

Washington D.C. Panel II
Dick Leon-Chair and Host
Louis Caldera
Rev. Kathleene Card
Mark Elam
Judge Nancy B. Firestone
Paul Gigot ('86-87)
Bill Hagerty ('91-92)
Albert Hawkins
Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson
MGen Bruce Scott ('84-85)
Paul Vance
Chief Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III

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