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Fall 2002 VOLUME 7
From the Director
The 2002-2003 Class of White House Fellows
Fall PR & Recruiting Campaign Underway
2001-2002 WHF Domestic and International Policy Study Trips: China, Vietnam and Alaska
Fellows Corner
Where are They Now?

Fall PR and Recruiting Campaign Underway

The White House Fellows program goals for PR and Recruiting, as outlined by the Director, are complementary and targeted: 1) to elevate the national stature and awareness of the program, and 2) to increase the diversity and quantity of qualified applicants. To that end, our PR efforts have been carefully tailored to strategically maximize awareness of the program in the private and public sector areas where this information is most likely to reach potential applicants.

Media exposure for the White House Fellows Program has increased exponentially, and through various outlets this year. From “hometown hero” feature stories in Fellows’ local newspapers and in-depth alumni magazine articles to New York Times mention of a current fellow’s work and Tom Brokaw’s references to the program in his taping of “The Real White House,” one thing is certain: White House Fellows have made their presence in Washington known. Such positive national media exposure buoys our recruiting efforts by not only increasing general awareness of the program, but also by elevating its national stature.

Despite all the benefits the program reaps from positive media spotlighting, it takes more than good press to lure applicants away from flourishing careers to work in public service for a year. Most approach the application process with a partial understanding, at best, of what it takes to be a Fellow, what the Fellowship year entails, and the responsibilities that come with selection. Clarification, guidance, and encouragement from friends of the program and former Fellows have proven immeasurably helpful to applicants in this regard. And, as expected, those most familiar with the rigorous selection process have done the Commission a service by attracting the most qualified candidates to choose from in forming a class of White House Fellows.

This month marks the beginning of an aggressive recruiting campaign that will continue through the fall and winter – a campaign whose success will ultimately depend on your proactive efforts in helping the program attract the best and brightest young Americans with the potential of becoming our nation’s future leaders. Most of you have already received an email from Jocelyn White indicating how we are organizing alumni recruiting efforts. If you have not yet received Jocelyn’s email, and are interested in assisting our efforts, please contact the White House Fellows office at (202) 395-4522.

As you take the time to reflect on the increased significance of public service and governmental leadership in the past year, please think of specific individuals – colleagues, friends, and peers- you can encourage to apply for a White House Fellowship and mentor through the selection process. Our goal is for each alumni and friend of the program to recruit two applicants for the February 1, 2003 application deadline. Our office is prepared to support your efforts with brochures, applications (downloadable at, recruiting videos, powerpoint presentations, and ready answers to any additional questions you might have.

We look forward to hearing from each of you, and thank you in advance for helping to continue the tradition of excellence that the White House Fellows program has maintained in its distinguished 38 year history.

-Denise Gitsham, PR Coordinator

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