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Andy Card
White House Chief of Staff
September 11, 2003

Secretary Card
Hello. It is good to be on line with you today. I was last "on" with you on day one of the "ask the White House." This is a day never to be forgotten.----- Sept 11. Like 2 years ago it is a beautiful day. Unlike 2 years ago, we are not reeling from an attack. The memory of that attack is with us. The victims, their families and the service of so many firefighters, police officers and public workers and volunteers stay in our conscience. Pray and thank God for this great country and our people.

Ulf, from Erlingsson writes:
How did the White House react to the news of the tragic death of Anna Lindh, the Swedish foreign minister, and one of the harshest critics of the US-led attack on Iraq?

Secretary Card
The murder of the Foreign Minister of Sweden is sad for everyone in that country and for the United States. The FM had a wonderful relationship with Sec. Powell and our Administration. Our prayers and sympathies are with the Swedish people.

Jason, from Washington D.C writes:
what do you use as the blue room

Secretary Card
The Blue room hosts many receptions and is where The President and First Lady have the White House Christmas Tree. On occasion, there is a fancy luncheon or dinner in the Blue Room.

Michael, from Hartford, CT writes:
Mr. Card, Obviously, today is a milestone we do not long to remember and dare not to forget. America faces so many challenges deficits, the war on terrorism, and division in our society. What strengths make President Bush and this administration the right leaders for this time? We are praying for you!!!

Secretary Card
Your prayers are felt, make a difference, and help to make our Nation great. The President is a man of Faith and prayer. He also has the resolve to never forget 9-11 and the people who were victimized that day. The Oath the President took upon entering office calls for him to protect and defend our Constitution. He lives that Oath every day and will not be distracted from that pledge.

karen, from salinas, california writes:
No question: Just thank you, Mr. President. On this rememberance day

Secretary Card
I will make sure the President knows of your thanks. Thank you for remembering this day, too. Make sure ALL understand the challenges faced that day and the responsibility we have to comfort the victims, and stand together against terror.

Kenny, from Montgomery, AL writes:
Is the President frustrated that we have not yet found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and what do you think the consequences will be if we do not find them in the near future?

Secretary Card
America and our allies took an important stand against terror, and evil by freeing an oppressed people in Iraq. The threat to civilized society and order under Saddam has been removed. The weapons of mass destruction Saddam had used on his people in the past are no longer a threat. The WMD he longed to develop will not materialize. I am sure evidence of his WMD programs will be discovered. Patience is required, as tens of thousands of documents are reviewed and thousands of individuals are questioned. Smart, dedicated professionals are researching, analyzing and interrogating. When information is known, reports will be written and shared.

faith, from southcaroline writes:
what are you going to do about the war on terrisom.

Secretary Card
The President has as his number one priority protecting the homeland. The war on terror is doing just that. Our military and intelligence services are taking the fight against terror wherever the terrorists hide and find comfort to deny them a foothold to attack America. The Treasury Department and State Department are working with nations all around the globe to disrupt terrorist financing. --- The coordinated effort is working, but we must recognize that the war will be long and take us to many fronts.

Michelle, from Vienna writes:
Thank you for taking the time to answer questions. On NPR yesterday, several small business owners were discussing the impact that 911 had on their businesses and their personal lives. We are assisting industries that were grossly impacted by 911 ie, the airlines. What kinds of federal assistance can small businesses rely on in perserving their own futures as they relate to the impact of 911?

Secretary Card
We have had tax cuts, many which specifically benefited small bausiness. To those small business which were victims of the attack of 9-11, FEMA and the SBA provided loan assistance. ---------- Know too, that the President is encouraging Congress to make vital tax reductions permanent so America's families and businesses can make decisions for their financial futures. President Bush has proposed six specific steps to build employer confidence and create momentum to hire new workers. Go here for more:

Mark, from Cortland, New York State, USA writes:
I was unable to hear the speech given by President Bush at 9pm on Sunday evening Sept.07th.2003,or was it the week before. I am trying to see if said speech is available on the White House website. I cannot seem to find the speech if it is available here online. Could anyone help me obtain this speech so that I could read it. Thank You and God Bless America! Sincerely, Mark

Secretary Card
Check again. Try The White House homepage. I will tweak the geeks to make it happen.
President Addresses the Nation

Daniel, from Germany writes:
I just wanted to say:God bless America! Today on 09.11 and forever!

Secretary Card
Yes !!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Dave, from Tolland, CT writes:
Dear Mr. Card, I first would like you to know how much President Bush means to me and my family. He has been an inspiration and a true leader. A man guided by principles and a defining cause for all mankind. He has truly led our nation and the world in this fight against terrorism and all who support it. My question, sir is this: With all the mounting criticism and mean-spirited remarks about the President and this President Bush as focused as he was on September 11, 2001 in defeating terrorism and finishing this war wherever it may take us?

Secretary Card
Yes! The President is a very strong, disciplined man who is not distracted from his duties. I am very proud of how he has the resolve to protect America. He does his homework, makes tough decisions and has confidence in the people who help him do his job. He also has the greatest respect for those who take his orders in the military. We have countless heroes wearing the uniforms of the US -- within the military, at Immigration, Customs, and in every city and town.

Elizabeth, from Raleigh, North Carolina writes:
I just love kitchens and I would like to know what the White House Kitchen looks like.

Secretary Card
Check this out. The President's crack photographer will put a shot up momentarily that shows Assistant Chef Cristeta Comerford preparing food for the State Dinner for the President of Poland. (The dinner was several months ago. The food was excellent!!!!)

Natasha, from Michigan writes:
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all of the responability put on you?

Secretary Card
Only when I am on-line! ;)

Carmen, from Suffield, CT writes:
I can't seem to find an answer to this anywhere, should we be flying our flags at half mask on 9-11-2003? This doesn't need to be part of the online discussion but if someone could email a response to

Secretary Card
Yes. In fact, the flags here at The White House are at half-staff. The President signed a Patriot Day Proclamation calling for remembrance and for flags to be flown at half-staff.

Bill, from La Quinta, California writes:
I believe the administration is serious about rooting out Al Qaeda's leadership. However, I am curious as to why the US Government is not pursuing Al Qaeda in the lawless tribal regions just inside Pakistan near the Afgan border?

Secretary Card
We are on the trail of terrorists wherever they are hiding.

Keith, from White Oak Texas writes:
I would like to know what happened to the idea that Iraq's oil would pay for the rebuilding?

Secretary Card
The oil in Iraq belongs to the Iraqi people. Yes, some of the revenue from the oil, which is slowly getting into the marketplace, will be used to help rebuild the infrastructure of that nation.

Laura, from Iowa writes:
Dear Mr. Card, Since it's the 2nd anniversary of 911, I was wondering: What was it like to tell President Bush about the terrorist attack? I would really appreciate a reply. : Thanks! Laura from Iowa

Secretary Card
Laura -- It was a terrible message to have to construct and deliver. No one should have to tell a President: "A second plane hit the second Tower. America is under attack!" The President, in front of very young students, paused for a quick and quiet moment as he focused on the challenge. His leadership and resolve were soon evident to the world.

Secretary Card
Unfortunately, my schedule has me zipping out of this session to tend to other WH tasks. The questions posed today cause me to reflect on what a wonderful people we have in America. Remember! Support! and Pray!

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