Date: 09/18/2001 02:10 AM EDT
From: Charles
To: President George W. Bush

Dear Mr. President,

It's hard to put into words how the recent events have forever impacted my life. But I offer this tribute to our nation's future:

Freedom Stands
Though tragedy knocks down our door
Freedom stands ready evermore
Composed of many -- all a different hue
We stand diversified and always new
Strong our arms and sharp our eyes
None come twixt or compromise
Our vow to self that none can shame
Our flag still flies our hearts still flame
With hope and love in all that's good
We will tumble those who would
Pierce our souls and prick our skin
Come they time and time again
Grown in numbers from round the globe
Our brethren rally to help us probe
For evil lurks at freedom's door
And we'll not take it anymore
As one will all nations band and fight
Evil stands no chance this night
As dawn revolves a new light is seen
Peace again, will reign supreme


Photo of flag pin.

From flag pins to poems, a surge of patriotism swept the nation and the world after the attacks on 9-11.

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Tuscon, Arizona

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