State of the Union, President George W. Bush

President Bush's State of the Union Letter to Children

January 29, 2002

Dear Young Americans:

Since September 11, 2001, many of you have sent cards, letters, and drawings to express your love for our great Nation and for the families of the victims. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me.

I asked you to send a dollar to help the children of Afghanistan in October. I was moved by the response of our children, and I was particularly touched by an eight-year-old's desire to "help heal their hearts" by baking and selling heart-shaped cookies to raise money for the Afghan children. More than $2 million has been raised so far, and the first shipment of tents, clothing, and school supplies arrived in Afghanistan in December. Thank you for your efforts to help those in need. I am proud of you.

The events of last September have reminded us of the value of the things that matter most in life: our faith, our love for family and friends, and our Nation's freedoms. I particularly want you to understand that the war we are fighting against terrorism is about your future, and the future of our country. We fight to protect America, so that you and other young Americans can pursue your dreams and grow up in peace and freedom. We fight for all freedom-loving people throughout the world.

I will soon give my State of the Union message to Congress, and this is my message to you: Work hard. Read. Make the right choices, and follow your dreams.

Mrs. Bush joins me in sending our warmest wishes to you, your family, and friends. God bless you, and God bless America.

George W. Bush

President George W. Bush will give his State of the Union Address to Congress on January 29, 2002. The speech will be broadcast on television, radio and

Please fax children's correspondence to 202-456-7705.

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