Theodore Roosevelt

Presidential Number: 26th
Years he was President: 1901--1909
State Represented: New York
Party Affiliation: Republican
Fact(s): Born and died in New York. First president to ride in a car wile president.

Birthday: October 27, 1858
How old would he be this year? 145
School(s) attended: Harvard University, Columbia University Law School
Wife: Alice Roosevelt, first wife, Edith Roosevelt, second wife
Occupation(s) before he was President: Officer in the Naional Guard, New York police commissioner
Other way(s) he served: Governor of New York, Vice President, Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches
Hobbies or Sports: Boxing, hunting, jujitsu, riding, shooting, tennis, wrestling
Pets: Macaw, Ponies

Life in America
How would he have traveled? Car
How would he have communicated with his friends? Telephone, typed letter. telegram
U.S. Population when term began: 75,994,575
Number of stars on flag when he left office: 46
Theodore Roosevelt

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Art and information provided by fifth-graders from Abingdon Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia. Coloringbook drawings by White House artist Rania Hassan.