Photo of Barney and Spotty next to a tree in cross hallway. White House photo by Susan Sterner. A Holiday Story by Spotty and Barney Bush

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Spotty "Season's Greetings! I'm Spotty, the English Springer Spaniel. And this is my pal, Barney, the Scottish Terrier. Barney and I live with our owners, President and Mrs. Bush. A few weeks ago, something amazing happened to the White House . it was transformed into a wintry forest of snow-covered trees glistening with lights. Mrs. Bush chose 'Home for the Holidays' as the theme for this year's White House decorations."

Barney "The other day, I overheard one of the staff members talk about the beautiful 'Big Room Tree.' Spotty and I can't figure out which tree is the 'Big Room Tree.'"

Spotty "Can you help us find the Big Room Tree? Just follow our paws. Wait Barney! Don't leave without me or our guests!"