America's Fund for Afghan Children

As of April 1, 2005 the Afghan Children's Fund is no longer accepting contributions. President Bush thanks those among America's youth who participated for their support.

After presenting President George Bush with a pair of boots, March of Dimes Ambassador Justin Lamar Washington gives the President a dollar to help with contributions to the Afghan children during the organizations' Washington D. C. event Oct. 12. White House photo by Tina Hager.

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The Program
More than 10 million children in Afghanistan are suffering because of years of war and drought and rule by the repressive Taliban regime.

Americans are concerned about the Afghan children and wish to remind others that America's actions are focused on destroying a terror network and are not directed against the innocent people and children of Afghanistan.

The President has announced the creation of "America's Fund for Afghan Children," which will encourage children and their families to contribute to relief efforts for Afghan children.

In particular, it is hoped that the children of America will be inspired to make contributions of one dollar -- or whatever they can give -- which can be sent individually or collectively to the Fund.

The Plight of the Afghan Children

  • One in four Afghan children will not make it to their fifth birthday.
  • One in three Afghan children is an orphan.
  • Almost 1/2 of Afghan children suffer malnutrition.
  • Millions face the threat of starvation.

Building on a History of Success
The President's new initiative to assist Afghan children is modeled on the original 1938 March of Dimes campaign from the Roosevelt Administration. In that campaign, President Franklin Roosevelt asked American children to each donate a dime to help eradicate a disease called polio. The effort helped raise funds for the effort that defeated polio and encouraged children to help others in need.

How the Program Will Work
Just like President Roosevelt's program, children will send their contributions to the White House. Contributions will be sent to:

America's Fund for Afghan Children
c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.
Washington, DC, 20509-1600.

The White House has created a special zip code to help identify and expedite donations to the Fund. The White House will send the contributions to the American Red Cross (ARC), which will manage the program. The Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will consult with the American Red Cross on distributing the Fund.

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